Terese Kinsley

Chief Sustainability Officer for the Town of Huntington, NY Professional Engineer and LEED Accredited Professional Building Design + Construction. 30 years of consulting and regulatory experience working as an environmental engineering compliance and sustainability specialist. BS/Environmental Engineering/University of Florida.

As Chief Sustainability Officer, Terese is responsible for the Town’s efforts in energy conservation and sustainability, and for overseeing the Town’s $1.725 million in federal stimulus funds for energy-related projects including: the installation of high-energy efficiency street lighting; re-commissioning, energy audit and implementing energy conservation measures such as a building automation system upgrade, and VFDs for Town Hall, in conjunction with a 28kW solar PV demonstration project; developed and is implementing a residential energy efficiency retrofit program for Town homeowners that will help 2,000 Huntington homeowners save energy and money; and development of a comprehensive Town-wide long-range energy efficiency and capital investment plan.

Other examples of Town-wide sustainability initiatives that Terese is overseeing, is a NYSERDA grant for a five electric vehicle solar electric car charging station at the Huntington LIRR train station parking garage, and incorporating energy efficiency upgrades into Town facilities such as the Town Sewage Treatment Plant.

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