OMxM (Ongoing Management by Measurement)

The executive tool for corporate sustainability

It is an Energy ERP system based on technology that:

  • Normalizes resources such as water, electricity, waste and fuel into a single universal metric.
  • Gives a complete energy efficiency & cost picture of every building & activity.
  • Can be set for overall corporate objectives right down to a single business unit
  • Is a critical tool in an age of resource depletion, climate change, fragile infrastructure and fluctuating energy prices.


  • Pulls voluminous and disparate sustainability and financial data into one tool
  • Drives corporate strategic goal setting and tracking
  • Visibly links financial and environmental performance
  • Makes resource management and environmental sustainability measurable and actionable
  • Provides one-to-one comparison of all resources (energy, water, waste, travel and materials) through our proprietary normalization process
  • Provides project tracking and comparison in financial and sustainability metrics

Going Green as a Profit Strategy:

  • For the executive:

The system provides corporate level visibility, goal setting, tracking, budgeting, and analytics using one intuitive metric that captures financial risk and environmental impact appealing equally to CFOs and CSOs.

  • For facility managers:

Provides comparison of disparate projects such as solar panels, EV charging stations, water conservation and waste diversion in an “apples to apples” manner from a sustainability perspective while providing all the standard financial measurements for comparison (NPV, annual savings, payback). Allows for planning and pinpointing the specific activities on a facility-by-facility basis that have the best environmental & financial result.

  • For sustainability managers:

Offers a quantitative vocabulary to measure and communicate the environmental performance of an organization allowing them to effectively collaborate with colleagues in facility and financial roles.

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