Our Partner Relationships

Telesis Solutions Group believes in strong relationships with our Partners.  They are a critical component of our ability to develop high quality comprehensive plans as part of our recommendations.  We understand that our reputation rides on our collective ability to deliver to the client, plans that meet the goals and objectives that we agreed to during the course of our initial engagement.  Together we seek to deliver quality implementations, on time, and at a cost that makes sense to all.


At Telesis, we recognized early on that a key differentiator of our approach is in comprehensively examining all aspects of an organization at once, and then developing a plan that synergizes the various efforts, insuring that the plan is right-sized for the client.  Doing this alone hardly makes sense.


Our Strategic Alliance Partners, primarily vendor companies, are familiar with sustainability projects. As part of the ecosystem of service providers integral to any solution we recommend, they look to optimize an organization’s goals and objectives. Our Referral Partners, mainly individuals, have the experience to identify the need of an organization to be “Green”.


We complement these partnerships with a competitive compensation model that includes upfront commissions and residual revenues depending upon the services provided.


Vendors in the following areas are invited to participate with Telesis as a partner in building solutions for mutual clients:

  • Architectural Firms
  • Building Controls & Energy Management Systems
  • Certified Public Accountants
  • Document Management
  • Energy Procurement
  • HVAC
  • IT Systems
  • Law Firms
  • Logistics and Transportation Systems Consultants
  • Print Management
  • Real Estate
  • Renewable and Alternative Energy Systems
  • Supply Management Systems
  • Telecommunication Resellers
  • Window and Door Systems


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