STEP (Strategic Technology & Energy Plan)

The customized sustainability program that is
Bottom-line Profitable

The STEP™ program provides a systematic approach to creating and improving profitability from within your organization while improving the firms’ environmental practices. Your STEP™ program will locate and identify: cost reductions, potential tax savings, reduced energy requirements, productivity improvements and operational efficiencies, while working to reduce your carbon footprint. The STEP™ long term strategy, is ultimately to help you move as much of your energy needs as possible ‘off the grid’

How Green Are You?

The Going Green Mayhem

Good intentions – Multiple Vendors  – Piecemealed Initiatives – Siloed Approach

How to Measure?

No Reportable Results

Why STEP™?

  • Manage Energy Footprint and Needs
  • Measurable Objectives and Results
  • Green Impact on Your Business
  • Latest Technology
  • Best Business Practices
  • Designed To Be Your Plan
  • Solutions Will Be Right Sized
  • Systematic Unified Approach
  • Quantifiable and Reportable Metrics

STEP™ Examines All Areas of Your Organization

  • Energy Management and Procurement Strategy
  • Operations
  • Work Space, Alternative Work Strategies
  • Logistics – Supply Chain
  • Document Management and Workflow processes
  • IT Department
  • Data Center
  • Renewable and Alternative Energy-Solar, Wind, Geothermal, Micro-Turbine, Fuel Cell

STEP™ Delivers a Strategic Report and Implementation Plan That …

  • Enhances profitability
  • Reduces expenses
  • Improves productivity
  • Produces both business and personal efficiencies
  • Reduces your company’s carbon footprint
  • Promotes both corporate and individual responsibility to our environment, our society, our economy, right now and for future generations.
  • Can contribute to improvement of your Brand and corporate reputation

Green Marketing

Telesis will pull it all together for you

More than hype – STEP™ demonstrates your progress toward becoming a “Greener Organization”.

Only Telesis can pull together the collective impact of recommendations from across all functional areas of your business and demonstrate your organization’s environmental progress with our ability to precisely specify environmental impact via the reduction of GHG.

Studies indicate that marketing your Green Efforts has a positive impact on buying decisions.  And this trend is growing.


Don’t let uncoordinated, unmeasured efforts undersell your Going Green initiatives – Maximize your efforts with Telesis’ STEP™.


Let us customize a program to fit your needs getgreen@telesiscom.net