Ben Peek

Ben is the CEO of Peek & Associates that consults as an industry analysis for telecommunications, data centers, high technology and general business. He has a proven record of exercising keen insight into predicting innovative change. He works with venture capital groups to effect change management, develop business process and detailed planning for startup and emerging companies.

Ben has a focus in energy efficiency with special attention to Data Centers. Developing energy efficiency strategies that save operating expenses, gain rebates for technology upgrades that are properly documented, and improve information technology performance.

He was the CIO of Agnosco Communications Group and teamed with RAND, Sandia National Laboratories, Lawrence Livermore Laboratories, Purdue University to develop a distributed information system prototype to enable the private and public sectors to interact in a secure information environment.

Previously, Ben served as Senior Scientist at GST Telecom and President of GST Internet. He designed fiber networks for Electric Lightwave, Bonneville Power, and TransAlta Utilities Corporation in Alberta.

Ben was one of three DARPA Principal Investigators (PI) for the National Transparent Optical Network Consortium (NTONC), a DARPA funded 10 Gbps research network (OC-192) from Seattle to San Diego via Portland, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. NTON also has multiple 2.4 Gbps rings in the San Francisco Bay area.

He was the director of the Oregon Advanced Computing Institute and the Oregon Joint Graduate Schools of Engineering; Executive Vice President at Cogent Research; A Senior Systems Manager at Aerojet ElectroSystems, Inc. managing the artificial intelligence laboratory and the President and Founder of Integrated Systems Technology, Inc.

Ben is a charter member of the Super Computing Institute and an advisor to the Telecom industry.

He is Chairman of the Board for Blind Enterprises of Oregon.  Blind Enterprises provides jobs and training to blind and visually impaired people in Oregon.

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