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"Telesis is a complete full service vendor. They've saved me tens of thousands over the years. They are the best possible combination in business, good service at a good price."

Marc Paoloni
Fairway Market/Fairway Wholesale
New York, NY

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Green Business Consultants & Consulting Firm

Good for the Environment. Good for your Business.
Today many industry leading organizations are transforming their "business as usual" practices into green methods that shrink their carbon footprint and simultaneously grow their bottom line.

Telesis Solutions Group, a leading-edge green business consulting firm in Amityville, New York, helps organizations transition from high energy and resource consumption to green sustainability initiatives.

Telesis delivers strategic plans that are systematic and unified in identifying, measuring, improving, tracking and reporting on both profitability and carbon footprint across all operational areas of a business.

The Shortest Distance between Here and Green
The green business consultants at Telesis can get you there quickly. We are a seasoned team of technology, engineering and operations professionals.  We understand how organizations function at the highest level. 

Our green consulting team knows that the most successful green organizations are green to the core. Being green is a factor in everything they dofrom energy consumption to IT resources, from using recycled products to recycled components in production, from elimination of waste in production lines to streamlining human resources.

Introducing Strategic Technology & Energy Plan (STEP™)
The STEP program provides a systematic approach to creating and improving profitability from within your organization while improving your organization's environmental practices.

Our green consultants identify the opportunities your organization has for becoming green to the core with our comprehensive Strategic Technology & Energy Plan.  STEP™ is a rigorous corporate-wide review of every functional area of your business.  STEP™ provides the strategic planning tool that will drive increased efficiency , productivity and profitability with environmentally sound recommendations. Our STEP™ Green Rating will visibly demonstrate your company’s environmental performance against benchmark, a critical component of marketing your green efforts.

Introducing Ongoing Management by Measurement (OMxM™)      OMxM™, a new service from Telesis, is a subscription based web portal service that gives your company a continuous view into its sustainability practice, by tracking all resources (energy, water, waste, etc) and improvement initiatives through both financial and environmental metrics. It is a cloud based SaaS (Software as a Service): easy to use, easy to administer, scalable with inexpensive, predictable annual costs.

OMxM™ is focused on the executive, the facilities manager, and the sustainability manager within the company, providing the ‘business case’ for your sustainability initiatives.


OMxM™ allows organizations to effectively pull together financial and environmental data enabling sound business decisions to drive the company’s sustainability program.

Our Green Business Consulting Firm
Will Help You Put More Green in your Bottom Line

For more information about Telesis Solutions Group and to speak with one of our green business consultants please contact us online or call (516) 541-4292 today. We look forward to talking to you about your green initiatives.


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